We're Going to Sweden!

It's true!!! We are headed to Sweden today. I am beyond excited. My very crazy, generous parents are taking us (my family, my brother Josh's family, and my brother Joash) all to Sweden for a week. Sadly my brother Joel and his family can't go because the adoption of their 3 little ones hasn't gone through yet. They will be missed. And yes, this is the same parents that took us to Ireland a couple years ago. My parents have blessed me my whole life with the gift of traveling and seeing the world. And now they are blessing my kids as well. They really are incredible people and I am so grateful for the heritage they have given me.

I've mentioned before that my mom's dad was Swedish/Canadian. We've all wanted to go to Sweden for as long as we can remember. The really cool thing about this trip is that my mom has done a lot of research and we actually get to meet out Swedish relatives. How cool is that?

We are flying into Stockholm, spending a couple days there and then heading to the towns and villages where my great grandparents were from. We are getting together with 37 of our extended family for a Swedish Christmas buffet at an inn Wednesday night. We are all so excited to meet new relatives and learn about our family history and heritage. I can't wait to share with you all that we learn.

So, I've been pinning all things Sweden for a couple months now. I am going to go crazy there. I better bring a really big suitcase for all my souvenirs.

I can't wait to get my hands on a Dala horse or two or three. I have such fond memories of the red one that sits in my parent's living room. Maybe I'll get one in a very nontraditional color like this pink one.

We'll definitely have to pick up a Stockholm or Sweden map for my Globe/Map/Atlas loving hubby.  This one has such gorgeous colors.

I often look at wedding images and think that I wish I could re-do things from my own wedding. But, this gorgeous Swedish wedding takes the cake. I would LOVE to have had this as my wedding. Every detail is so gorgeous perfection. Oh, Sweden, we haven't even met yet, and I already love you.

If you've been to Sweden and have some recommendations of sites to see and things to eat. I'd love to hear. I'll be taking a blog break so I can fully enjoy this trip, but there will be an overload of Instagrams, if you want to follow me on my adventure.


  1. OMG! This is on my list of places to go. I hope you and your family have so much fun! So crazy but me and my sisters were all adopted when we were very young. My parents were in their 50s at the time and every day I am thankful they took us in. It is so sad that your other family can't go with you all. It would have been so special for those kids to experience that rich heritage. It would have been a warm welcoming into the family.Your kids are so lucky to experience traveling at such young ages. Your brother must be really sad that he can't share that with his kids. Adoption can take a long time sadly. I am curious why you guys didn't wait and plan to travel after adoption? I guess its not my business. I am partial to adoption so sorry if I come off with to much passion! I will have to check out your instagrams, I am obsessed with that culture! Safe travels to you all :) :) :)

    x x x

    1. The trip was planned a long time ago and this is when we could all go. They have had the kids for over a year and you just don't know when things will happen with the adoption. I'm sure there will be other trips and adventures to share as a family. They went to Ireland with us a couple years ago before they had kids and my other brothers couldn't go. That's just life. My parents love to spend their money on trips with their kids. This won't be the last trip. Not intentionally leaving them out at all. I'm sure we will LOVE Sweden and go back again. :)

    2. Ya I get it this trip seems to be pretty special meeting your moms fam. 37 relatives is crazy lots! As far as adoption goes I guess I can see why you all wanted to go now than later. You just don't know how long you have to wait for those kids. I can't wait to check out your posts about your trip so jealous :) The x-mas market sounds cool!

  2. Wow, this is awesome--have fun Jeran and family! So cool that you get to meet THIRTY-SEVEN relatives!

  3. Don't miss the Olde Towne of Stockholm (Gamla Stan) and visit the palace there. We stayed at the Grand Hotel right on the water in Stockholm. Such a walkable city! My favorite Swedish purchases that I have been able to enjoy every year were little wooden red Dala horse Christmas tree ornaments and Dala horse cookie cutters. These are items that we actually use & they remind us of the great time we had there. I got them in one of the little gift shops on the cobblestone road in the Olde Towne. Another thing that is typically Swedish are the blue & white kitchen things like tea towels, etc, and you will find your best price on those in a regular department store (where the locals shop) rather than in a touristy gift shop. All these items are small, light weight, & nonbreakable--great for stuffing in the suitcase:) Have a great trip!

    1. Oh thanks for all the great advice. Olde Towne is our first stop in Stockholm. I can't wait to check out the Christmas Market there.


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