Decorating with Black

Happy Veteran's Day! A big thank you to all the fearless and faithful men and women of this country that have giving their lives in service. We are headed to our local Veteran's Day Parade this morning, Denali's Marching band is in it. She's playing the piccolo this year instead of the flute, it's a nice compact, light instrument to carry back and forth to school each day. But, it's also a more annoying, high pitched flute to listen to during practice times. 

Lately I've been loving white, I painted my living room all white and everything is so bright and cheery in that room now.  But, you know who's BFF's with white walls, black accessories! I love the dramatic contrast of black and white, it adds a graphic element that no other color combination can create. That's why I think my botanical print works so well in this room.  

1. Owl Plate
2. Bunny Votive
3. Blanket
4. Candle
5. Cake Plate
6. Black Sequins Pillow
7. Faux Fur Pillow

I've done a little online window shopping and picked out some really great, inexpensive black accessories to add contrast to any space. I've waited a long time for H&M to open their home store in the States. And now they are here! You are going to be so impressed with their home line and the amazing prices.

What do you think about decorating with black? Do you think it's sharp and a classic? Or is it just too harsh for your home?

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