Wall of Bats

Ok, I'm loving Halloween this year.  I'm having a lot of fun decorating and making things. I've shared before that I'm not into celebrating the scary and evil things. I like to keep it pretty happy and just a little spook with creepy crawlies like spiders, bats and owls.  And to keep it from getting to dark, I installed a wall of white bats.

This was soooo easy.  I just cut out lots and lots of bats in 3 different sizes (I used my Cricut of course, but you can also use this template I created and some good old scissors). I used just regular white card stock and then using a little double sided tape, and simply adhered them to the wall and then bent the wings out. I like the 3D effect this gives.  And I placed them in an angled flight pattern up of the wall.

My kids are going to be pumped when they get home from school and see this on the wall today. Now that they are 10 and almost 12, they really want more of the spook and creep that comes with Halloween.

Wouldn't this be a great backdrop for a photo booth or a Halloween dessert table?

Here's the template, 4 sheets of this printed on card stock will cover a wall like mine. And for my Cricut using friends, the bat is from this cartridge (Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 2).


  1. Cute! I cannot do a lot of your projects without a cricut machine. This one is more doable but some in the past would be pretty difficult without a piece of machinery doing all the hard work. I do not have that kind of money to invest in one so its hard to do a lot of your projects.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry you feel that way. Long before I had a cricut I just used my good old scissors. I try to share ideas that are totally doable and easy. If you would like me to make a template for you of a bat, I would be happy to do so. I also used to cut stencils out of freezer paper and vinyl with an x-acto knife and I still do, if I want something specific that my cricut won't do. Again, let me know if you'd like a pdf template made.

  2. Hi Jeran! I don't have a cricut machine either! If you create a template of your bat, I would like it too! Thanks! Valerie


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