Riley (my vintage trailer) Style

Last week, after being inspired by this month's Ford Fiesta Movement theme, STYLE, I challenged myself. I decided to give Riley, my vintage trailer, a little more style.  I had saved a few vintage items that I've found at flea markets and thrift stores this year and I also added some fabulous new finds.

I'm really happy with the results and I hope that my Riley Style translates and you can understand where I'm going with this. I tried to stay true to my original inspiration board, a little vintage, a lot of color, and very much outdoorsy. I think I found a lot of the pieces I wanted. The only thing I'm missing is some pink plaid and maybe a little more mint green here and there. He's getting some personality though, and although he is a mountain man, he doesn't take himself too seriously. There's a lot of fun, quirky pieces that keep this old guy (built in 1948) young and hip.

I'm really happy with the color palette. The forest and mint green, red and pink are really fun together. This pink striped throw is incredibly comfy and I love the touch of feminine it adds to the space.  I want to find more pink for Riley, like another floral similar to the front door vintage tea towel curtain I made. I also love this red and white camp rope pillow, I think it's a modern take on a cable knit sweater. 

This adorable print called, Theodore Collects Firewood, is hung by a vintage wood hanger. Art in trailers can be tricky. You don't want anything heavy or breakable. This can easily be taken down and laid flat when in transit.

I like to have reading materials in the trailer, these a a few of my favorites. The Sunset National Parks of the West book is from the 60's, My Cool Caravan was a Christmas gift from my hubby when we first got Riley and the mini Ansel Adams National Park book I found in a gift shop when we did our Southwest road trip.

This might be my favorite pair of pillows.  The handsome bear pillow has been named Fuzzy Wuzzy, by my son Dylan and the white faux fur pillow gets pet by everyone who sees it.  

My Hudson Bay pillow shams look great with this fun camp log pillow.  And I'm absolutely dying over the S'mores pillow. He's my kids favorite addition to the trailer. 

Like a thought, my vintage picnic basket works really well for blanket storage.  

Yesterday I made one more pillow. This felt white bear kind of looks like a polar bear, but actually he's my California bear. And this new pillow looks great beside the Alaska pillow I made years and years ago. And really, does anything say mountain man more then read red plaid flannel?

I still like my birds and wire hanging thing that I put up a while ago. It's fun to change out the pictures now and then.

I found this green oak leaf tray at a local flea market this weekend for only $5. It may come inside for Fall decorating as well.

The bird theme is repeated in Riley. The shelves are edged in this fun detail. I keep my vintage jadite green melamine dishes on one of these shelves. I know the wood is kind of a yucky yellowy color, but I can't bare to cover it up. Although I love when old trailers are painted crisp inside, I feel this obligation to keep the original finish. 1948 is pretty dang old, you don't see too many trailers that old out there. What do you think? Shouldn't I keep Riley as original as possible?

So, what do you think? Did I succeed in making Riley a little more stylish? What was your favorite addition? What else does he need or what would you do to him? I'd love to know your thoughts and opinions.

Be sure to check out more of the movement's STYLE videos this month, maybe you'll be inspired.

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. LOVE your re-style! Riley looks super stylish. You've done a great job of pulling all those vintage pieces into a look that's fresh and modern. The Fuzzy Wuzzy pillow is my favorite, especially with his little tuft of "hair" sticking up from the faux fur pillow. :)

    1. That's so much, I'm glad you see this as fresh and modern. And Fuzzy Wuzzy is pretty great.

  2. Oh, and I love the pink and green together!

  3. I love that you have things that make your kids feel special in the trailer and items that make you feel stylish. It's not just style for you but your whole fam! When can we join you in a Riley adventure? :) Julia

    1. I know, I'm sooo itching to go camping. How about veterans day weekend???


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