Halloween Flower Arrangement

I've been pouring over the pages of The Flower Recipe Book for months now.  Flower arranging is something I've always wanted to learn how to do, like take a class or even work in a florist shop. I felt totally inspired to do a little flower arranging for Halloween.  My little arrangement is obviously very simple and inexpensive, but I had fun putting it together.

So, here's how to make my easy Halloween arrangement.

3 white roses
Spanish moss
a few twigs
1 black succulent (aeonium atropurpurea)
a small low container (mine is an owl measuring cup)
a metal frog (like these)

Simply place the frog in the bottom of the vase and fill with water.  Start with the roses, place them in a grouping together. Then place the succulent (roots and all in the front off to one side).  Place your twigs in the back of the arrangement. And then to finish the arrangement, fill in holes and gaps with a tiny bit of Spanish moss.

Is there a skill you wish you knew more about or had time to learn how to do? I'm going to challenge myself to try to put one arrangement together every month, I think it could be a lot of fun.


  1. Beautiful in a dark Halloweenish way, I want to replicate this!

  2. This is so pretty. I love how you got black and white together in a most natural way.


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