DIY Fox Pinata

I love a good pinata, and this might be my favorite one to date. When I found these star face fox cookies, I knew that I had to make a fox pinata in a star shape. I considered making a star pinata form, but then to save a lot of time, I bought this star shaped pinata at Target.  

My Dad and I whipped this little fox together in about an hour.  To start we stripped all the tissue off the original star.

Then we cut 3 inch strips of orange tissue paper.

And then using Martha Stewart fringe scissor (yes they do exist), cut half way up each strip.  

We started with the sides of the star and layered the fringe every 1 inch.  Then we simply covered the front and back as well. 

Finally, using simple shapes cut out of white and black card stock, I added ears, eyes, whiskers and a nose.


  1. A lot of amazing things in this post - mainly that a star shape can be the shape of a fox head and also fringe scissors!!
    Great diy!

  2. Love this.... going to attempt to make one for my son's "What Does the Fox Say?" birthday party


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