Thrifting Thursday: A Midcentury Chair in Need of Love

Look what I found!!!! Earlier this Summer, when I was at my parent's place in Northern Cal, I bought this fabulous chair.  I found it at my favorite shop in Eureka, Shipwreck

I have big plans of recovering the cushions.  The orange is kind of an itchy worn out fabric.  What I REALLY want is some fabulous white or cream fabric with gold dots on it.  You already know I'm into gold dots.  So far I haven't found any yet, so if you come across some, please let me know. 

It's got that classic midcentury shape, but it needs a little love.  

The seat was just an ugly piece of plywood screwed down in a couple random spots, so I decided to replace that with upholstery webbing.  I'm sure the original seat was probably leather, but we decided this would be a good solution.  My brother helped me figure out how to stretch the webbing and attach it to the seat.  I actually really like how it looks and it's really comfortable. 

Can't you picture this chair with some great new seat cushions? Hopefully gold polka dots of some sort.  Have you had any great thrifting adventures lately? I sure have found so fun things lately. And don't hate me, but I might be going to the Pasadena Flea Market this Sunday with friends. I can't wait, all that old junk just gets me so excited.  


  1. Oh goodness! I love it! I have the exact same chair...except mine has blue cushions! I have turned it into the nursery chair and soon I hope to re-cover the cushions!

    1. It's such a good shape and the open arms don't weigh the chair down and make it bulky. What fabric do you hope to recover yours in?

  2. So lucky! I'd do a quick search on Spoonflower. They seem to have any and every print imaginable! And if you still can't find what you want, you can design and print it yourself.

  3. Totally, I've used spoonflower many times and designed my own fabric. I really want metallic gold dots though and I don't think they do that. But, I'll definitely check. Thanks for stopping by.


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