Our New Dining Room Rug

Well, it's here!  My new dining room rug from Flor.  I went with the Vintage Vibe rug and I couldn't be happier.  It's so beautiful and really adds a lot to my space.  Thank you for your input and advice on picking a graphic rug. I really did listen to what you had to say.

Here's our dining room before. We do have beautiful hardwood floors, but there's just something so luxurious about a rug under the dining room table. It frames the room and feels fabulous underfoot.  As it finally gets cooler here, I think we are really going to enjoy the added warmth.

And although I don't LOVE the style of my dining room table. I really feel like this rug helps to modernize my space.  I have in the back of my mind changing my chairs out with something more industrial or clean lined.

It was a snap to install this rug. I simply started in the middle of the room and then worked my way out.  I chose to lay my flor tiles in a parquet style, alternating the pattern. The back of each tile makes it super simple to lay the pattern you want with easy to follow arrows. Then you just attach special stickers to the corners to keep the rug tiles in place. The tiles fit together perfectly, you can't even see where they join.

Really, I was kind of boring with the pattern I chose.  Flor offers so many possibilities for patterns and colors.  You can even cut the tiles in half to make a border or cut them diagonally to repeat a triangular pattern.  Their Flor Builder tool makes this so simple and takes the guess work out of it. 

I huge thanks to Flor for providing this fabulous rug for my space.  Please know that my opinions are really my own and I have loved Flor rugs for years and years.  I couldn't be happier with this amazing rug.  


  1. It looks great Love it! Linda M.

  2. I say you get a new dining room set and I'll buy your from you! I love your table set... and our dining table is broken. :) I love the way the rug looks... and I can't wait to see it in person!

  3. it looks gorgeous! i like the way the black chairs look against the rug.


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