DIY Leather Triangle Pin

On Friday I shared that I was making new, inexpensive accessories to wear on my trip to NYC. So far I have a Geometric Bead Necklace and this new Leather Triangle Pin to wear.

It just didn't seem right if I didn't sport triangles of some sort. I'm essentially going to NYC to promote my "brand" and my blog. And triangles are a big part of my style.  

I started with 4 small scraps of leather.  I had 3 different colors of leather, dark brown, light brown and a greenish grey. For the forth gold triangle, used the technique from my gilded leather heart hair clip.  I made a paper template of a 2" triangle and just using good scissors, cut out my 4 triangles.  Then I glued them together with just a spot of hot glue on the tips of the triangles.

I attached a brooch pin with hot glue to the back of the triangles.  And then to give it a nice finished look, I glued on a rectangle of brown felt.

How is was that? And I think I'll find myself pinning this to jackets and sweaters all season long.


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