DIY Instagram Hexagon Frame

I know I talk a lot about instagram. But because I'm such a huge fan, I've got a lot of instagrams that need to be shared. Sometimes I just get frustrated that all my favorite images are just floating in cyber space. I just don't print images as much as a should anymore. So, I've come up with a fun way to display some of my favorites in my home.

I still have a lot of affection for triangles, but hexagons seem to be the next new hip geometric shape. And really triangles are not a great shape for instagrams, hexagons are a lot more in proportion. Using a 12x12" piece of scrapbooking card stock and made this custom mat board to frame 11 of my faves.

To start, I picked out some instagrams that I loved and resized them to 2 1/2" squares and then printed them at Walgreens. Or if you prefer to print at home, follow these instructions to size and print your instagrams. 

Then I cut my hexagon mat board using my Cricut machine. In Cricut Craft Room, I created my template using simple hexagons that were just over 2 inches wide. You can play around with the placement of your shapes, I just wanted a random arrangement of hexagons.  Then I simply cut my 12" piece of card stock. If you aren't lucky enough to own a Cricut, then this could be easily done with an x-acto knife and a hexagon template.  But, my Cricut sure made this easy and and the results are very professional looking. 

Next, I took one of the cut out hexagons and used it to cut out my images. I simply held it over the part of the image I wanted to show and then cut around the shape, leaving a 1/4" edge around. This will give you space to attach the image to the back of the mat. I just used a little tape to adhere the pictures to the mat, so that they would stay in place. 

Then I framed it in a 12" shadow box frame that I got at Target for $9.99 (this one is very similar). I think I'll have fun changing out these pictures in a year or so. Or maybe I'll just make another one. 

Do you print your instagrams? Or are they forever stuck on your smart phone? Mine are slowly coming off my phone and into my home so that we can all enjoy them. Happy instagraming friends!

I've also submitted this design to Minted.  If you like it, please take a second to vote for it.


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