Giant Geometric Maple Leaf

I hope all my Canadian readers are feelin the love this week.  I've got a inexpensive, go big or go home, maple leaf for your wall.  It's just like my heart and shamrock.

Using 12" scrapbook paper in red, maroon, and white, I cut out right angle triangle. Start by cutting the full sheet of paper into four 6" squares and then cut those squares in half diagonally. For this Geometric Maple Leaf I used 2 pieces of white and 3 pieces each of the red and maroon. Then I simple used glue dots and attached them to my wall in a random pattern. Well, I actually copied the pattern from my free printable Canada Day bunting.

Come back tomorrow, because I have one more fun Canadian printable.

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  1. Hi,
    I am wanting to start a youtube channel where I would post short films and a few Nintendo video games. I was wondering if you were the creator of that design as, I would really like to use a modified version of it as my logo. I do not know if you will ever see this seeing how this was posted in 2013 but if you do, please shoot me an email @ kawaiiturtle.me@gmail.com [its my second google account, I do not want my personal up on the internet =P]


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