House Plants

Well, I have to admit, I'm not the best with house plants.  Truthfully, I haven't invested in any that are very big, because I'm afraid they just won't last.  But, I really like plants and would love to have some in our living room or dining room.  I've been doing a little research and I've found a few that I really like in the homes of some of my favorite bloggers and designers.

photo source: Making it Lovely
This first one is a Bird's Nest Fern in Nichole's (of Making it Lovely) living room.  It's a nice size and I like that it's not terribly tall.  It could be nice on a table or bench against a wall. 

photo source: Making it Lovely
This tall, handsome plant is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree also in Nicole's home.  I'd love one of these beside the windows in my dining room.

photo source: Emily Henderson
And this last group of well styled plants is in the home of Bri Emery (of Design Love Fest).  Emily Henderson recently teamed up with Bri to makeover her living room.  It is a fabulous space with beautiful splashes of color.  But, I think it's the plants that brought the room to life.

Are you a house plant kind of person?  Can you recommend any plants that are easy to care for and look beautiful all year long?

I'll be going to my favorite local nursery this afternoon, and I better be on the look out for some stylish pots as well.


  1. I totally suck at house plants, too. I can't really do the watering thing every day (self-watering pots are a must-have for me). I have found a few plants that always seem to do well no matter how much I neglect them.

    I love my hoya. It's got great leaves and cute fuzzy flowers (it also has a habit of reaching out with tendrils and touching everything around it which I find really quirky and charming. Like it has a mind of its own).

    Aloe vera and most cacti do well for me, too. I have a christmas cactus and used to have a huge aloe that would flower every year (my uncle killed it by OVER watering it). I've started up a new one and have treated it pretty poorly so far, but it keeps on growing.

    And I'm really good with african violets. The self-watering pots are pretty much made for them cuz you'll completely kill it if you get the leaves wet. It also blooms almost all the time.

    I hope you can find one that works for you! I'd really love to try out the fiddle leaf fig -- if I could ever find one! (Also, I had a boston fern once which did well outside in the summer, but I killed it in about 2 months once it came in for the winter. Kinda scared me off house ferns!)

    1. Wow, thanks so much for all this great advice. I'm totally taking notes right now. I'll keep you posted.

  2. Plants can be so picky! I can't find the source link now, but I read on a blog post once to only water your plants when the top 1 inch of the soil is dry. Water slowly until the water is coming out of the bottom of the pot. Make sure that the water is able to drain off (this obviously applies to small plants that you can place in the bathtub or something). This has worked great for my plants, though I should add that I happen to have all succulents right now: jade, snake plant, flap jack. I also have a hanging spider plant which is easy too. Good luck!


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