Small Space Book Shelves

Today the girls' new room is being revealed over at Land of Nod's blog Honest to Nod.  But, I'm making little improvements all around the house.  It's Spring, so that means Spring Cleaning.  I've got the organization bug something bad these days, how about you?

Our little 1920s bungalow is little.  The bedrooms are not super spacious, so we need to be creative with storage and furniture placement.  My two older kids are avid readers (thanks to their father), and although we mostly check out library books, they do own a lot of books.  Finding space for them without having a huge bulky bookcase was a must.

So that Dylan could enjoy his bigger picture books and have them on display, I put up 3 Ikea picture ledges to act as book shelves in his room.  We have the longer version of these in our hallway and I often rearrange our family pictures there.  These offer great, low-profile book storage (and they come in both black and white).  And with IKEA prices, this only set me back $30. They only take about 4 inches of the room and absolutely no floor space.

I was able to fit quite a few books on these these ledges.  This whole stack fit nicely on the shelves.  Aren't you impressed?  I am.

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