Easter Window Art

I want my whole neighborhood to know why I celebrate Easter.  It's not for the chocolate bunnies or egg hunts, it's because my savior LIVES.  He died for me, and paid the ultimate price.  I am so grateful and humbled by His love for me.  And He is not in the tomb, He has RISEN!

This is becoming a fun habit.  I've decorated my front window for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day and now Easter.  It's such an inexpensive, simple way to share what your celebrating.  I think I'll do this for birthday's as well.

I hope you have a lovely Easter with your friends and family.


  1. I love your idea! It's hard to find cute Easter decorations that celebrate its true meaning.

  2. Love it! Such an easy way to express your love for the holiday or a birthday celebration. Mine is Feb 20th if you'd like to advertise my special day next year :-). Happy Easter to you and your family, Jeran. See you next weekend....I'm so excited!


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