Window Shopping - Toddler and Tween Shared Bedroom

Most of the time, I love my little 1920's California bungalow. But, recently I've realized our tiny home is not ideal. The problem is that my daughters, Denali and Olivia, have to share a room.  This doesn't seem like it would be a big issue, but there is a big age gap between them. Denali is 11 (going on 16) and Olivia is just a year old. I want them to have a space that is appealing and organized for both of them. I don't want the room to look like a nursery, or on the other extreme, like a mature teenage space either. The room does have furniture, but really no defined style. The bedding, rug and walls are grey and light pink and I do love that color combo.  But, beyond color, there isn't much else. I'm struggling to give my toddler and tween the space and design that they each need. I want their room to be a place that they both love. We need function and funk folks. 

I put together an inspiration board of fun pieces that I think could help bridge this age gap in design. I think The Land of Nod has beautiful pieces that will provide my toddler and tween with the unique and quirky style that I'm looking for.

They both have vintage beds. Denali's is a full sized metal frame from Lonnie's Grandparent's farm and Olivia's crib was my Jenny Lind crib from when I was a baby. Obviously our house is also old, but I think the space needs a splash of modern and playful. Denali helped me pick out the prints, she particularly loved the Flamingo and Cat prints. And I LOVE the gold dot sheets. There is something both classic and fun about polka dots. I think they'll look great with Denali's grey bedding. I also would love to get Denali the beautiful leather desk chair. It's sleek and modern and she just has an old stool for a chair at her desk now. The Land of Nod has a well curated catalogue. It's such a treat to flip through the pages, there is a sense of nostalgia and the creative touch of artists.  

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to attempt to makeover my Toddler and Tween's Shared Bedroom. I'll be sharing what I find along the way and what works in this space.  So, stay tuned for more. Do you have a space in your home that has to serve two functions or accommodate multiple people? 


  1. I like the mix of modern and antique/vintage! And I think your picks would work well for both ages. Bryce and Kinsey share a room. I just kept it neutral-grey walls, white duvets, vintage-fisher price toys and books (gender neutral)

    1. Denali and Dylan shared a room when they were babies and toddlers as well. I did there room in classic red gingham, sage green and a little yellow. They are only 19 mos apart so their interested were the same. Your kid's room is darling I'm sure. I just don't want Denali to feel like she's living in a nursery.

  2. You are so creative, it always looks great! Love the Land of Nod items you chose! Linda M

  3. i so love this! we are finally getting around to decorating my 2 year olds room and I want the styling to work for any age, so I don't have to keep redecorating and wasting $. and the land of nod is perfect for accent pieces.


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