Valentine's Message Cupcake Toppers

I recently discovered that Airheads Candy can be used like fondant for decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  Airheads come in a variety of yummy, fruity flavors and the best part is the fantastic vibrant colors.

I made these fun edible Valentine's Message Banners for my cupcakes in no time at all.  I simply cut strips of the airheads about 1/2" thick.  Then, using some alphabet cookie stamps that I have (mine are from William's Sonoma), I stamped in messages.  The pliable candy can then easily be bent and placed however you'd like on cupcakes.

My mind is already racing with lots of other great edible decorations that could be made from Airheads.

I'm entering this in Airheads Craft Your Valentine Contest.  If you have a minute, and you like my use of airheads, please place a vote for me here.


  1. Very sleek. Looks like it' party time. If you ever need an assistant you know who you can call.... -heidi adams

    1. Thanks Heidi. And yes, I do know where you live, so I will take you up on that :)

  2. This is such a neat idea! I'm hosting a Valentine's Day baby shower theme on Saturday I hope I can get my hands on some alphabet cookie stamps.
    sandra xx


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