Geometric Heart Printables

Need some last minute decorations for Valentine's treats or a little Valentine's dinner?  I've got some FREE printables for you today.  Because my Giant Geometric Wall Heart has been so well liked, I decided I'd make some printable geometric hearts for my lovely, faithful readers to download.  

I've made a sheet of small 1 1/2" decals, larger 3" ones and a printable bunting.  The decals can be printed on sticker paper and then applied to goody bags, milk bottles, or cupcake toppers.  Print off as many as you like.

I had plans of getting these to you much earlier in the week.  But, life has been hectic.  Yesterday was especially crappy.  I fought my printer for most of the day and just really felt like I got absolutely nothing done. So sorry friends.

For the PDF downloads click here.  Let me know if you download these and how you use them.

Glitter image used in illustrations generously provided by Girly Bits Cosmetics


  1. hey jeran! i wanted to pin this for next year, but it didn't work. let me know if these downloads become pinnable. thanks! -gk

    1. Grace you should be able to pin from this post. And then you will have the images and the links.

  2. These are just gorgeous! I printed one out and used it for a Valentines Day card. Well done. I wish I knew how to design things like this. Is there a sticker template that would work with these? I am thinking it would be great to print them out on to some Avery labels, but I don't know which to use. =)

  3. Would also like an avery label or similar that these could be printed on. Goodie Bags for valentines day great sticker and add text w/ your messare name(s)/organization etc.


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