Lucky 2013

Well, I looked back at my resolutions for 2012 and was a little disappointed with myself.  I wish I had done better with some of them, especially #1.  I have to be honest, reading my bible didn't happen everday! So, instead of just giving up, I'm putting it at the top of my list for 2013 again.  I'm calling this year LUCKY '13. I'm not superstitious so number 13 is going to be my lucky year.

1. Read my bible everyday! (Let's try again)
2. Celebrate my 15th Wedding Anniversary in some BIG way. (Hopefully a trip somewhere fun without kids)
3. Date my husband more! (Let's try this one again, 2012 was so busy)
4. Complete some house projects (paint the outside of the garage, complete the laundry room, paint the hallway, and put in some kind of semi-custom storage in all our tiny closets).
5. Take Riley on a long road trip this summer, hopefully all the way to my homeland, Canada.
6. Talk to my kids more about God, life, struggles and decisions they have to make.
7. Grow my hair out!
8. Find time to watercolor paint. Maybe a family art night of some sort each week.
9. Cook my way through the French Laundry Cookbook. 
10. Get a REAL family portrait taken (not one I take with a tripod or a cheesy Mall Studio portrait).   
11. Enjoy, really ENJOY anytime I have home with Olivia this year (because maybe I'll have to get a teaching job again this Fall).

What are your plans, hopes, dreams, or resolutions for this year?  I'm curious what you all have in the works for 2013. 


  1. i'm with you on #1. Hoping to get up before my kids to read my Bible. prayers appreciated :) more date nights are on my list, and also more structure in my day so I spend more time with my kids and also have some time for blogging.

  2. i don't make resolutions anymore- i don't like the disappointment factor (you mention), I just try to take day by day and do the best I can, and when somedays/weeks/moments go off balance we pray or re-evaluate and wake up and start a new day.


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