Large Black and White Print for less

For months I've been seeing on pinterest how you can enlarge a black and white photograph for just a couple bucks at Staples.  Well, we don't have Staples here, so I tried Kinkos.  And I'm so pleased to tell you that I had this photo of my three cute kiddos enlarged to 20 x 30 for just $4.50.  How great is that? For a photo enlargement anywhere else, you're looking at paying anywhere from $23-$45.

Olivia is 15 months ago, and embarrassingly enough, I've had a picture of our family up in our entryway without her that whole time.  I really like the family silhouette, but I just haven't gotten the right picture of us to make a new one for our family of five.  But, for $4.50, I can change the picture whenever I want!  

Do you have a favorite photo of your loved ones and a special place that you'd love to see enlarge to poster size?  Oh, and I need your opinion.  I'm kind of getting tired of the Khaki walls in our living room.  They've been this color for a LONG time (like 8 years).  You probably can guess I'm thinking a grey color, probably a very light, almost white grey.  What do you think?  


  1. That looks really nice! We don't have any current photos up either : / Maybe I should get busy on that, lol

  2. I searched for like a half hour for this post to see where you got such a good deal on a large print - so I checked Kinko's, then Staples, Office Depot and Costco - and I can't find find it! Costco's was $9, which isn't bad... but I'd rather have $4.50... wish I could find it!


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