Football Straws and Lemon Lime Bitters

Yesterday when I shared my recipes for football food (Coconut Lime Wings and Mango Salsa), I promised I would share my drink recipe as well.  Lemon Lime Bitters is a drink from my childhood.  I grew up in Papua New Guinea.  Often on a Saturday, we would go to the local hotel to swim.  If you purchased a drink or meal, you were free to use the pool.  A Lemon Lime Bitters was my drink of choice.  It's the most refreshing drink and the bitters gives it a unique and unforgettable flavor.

I know it's Winter and this seems like a Summer drink, but our citrus is all ripe and I want to enjoy it as much as possible.  The limes I used for this drink are very unusual.  They are Bearrs Limes, the skin and flesh is yellow and they have a milder lime flavor.  I think they're flavor is somewhere in between and lemon and a lime.

Lemon Lime Bitters
Lime wedges (mine is a Bearrs Lime from our garden)
lemon lime soda (Sprite or 7 up)
Angostura Aromatic Bitters
lime cordial (I love Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice)

1. Fill a glass with ice
2. Squeeze a 1/4 of a lime into the glass and then throw it it.
3. Pour 2-3 tbsp. of lime cordial into the glass (depending on how sweet you like your drinks)
4. Fill the glass with soda.
5. Finish with a couple dashes of bitters.
6. Mix and enjoy!

I also made these football topped straws for our drinks.  They are very simple to make.  I found this great football leather print paper at the craft store.  I simply cut out a small football shapes, punched two holes in them on a diagonal, and then inserted a striped paper straw.  I like the black and white straws, because they look like referee uniforms.


  1. I can confirm how good they are! Linda M

  2. My husband and I were super confused when we went USA and no one knew what a Lemon Lime Bitters was!! We're from Australia and they're pretty popular here!

  3. I have just moved from Australia to Canada and same thing as Jasmine said - no one knew this drink when I ordered it at a restaurant. I just assumed there were no bitters in Nth America! Nice to know I should just go and make my own! : )


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