Deer Pillow

I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas.  We definitely have.  Lot's of great time with family and definitely lots of eating - way too much eating.  I can't seem to stop eating actually.  Do I really need to eat a piece of pie for breakfast and a two pieces of fudge at 2 pm just because?  I've been eating pretty guilt free this week.  How about you?  

I'm not ready for this season to be over.  I'm glad that I can keep the decorations up till New Years.  And really many of my decorations are "wintery" not just for "Christmas".  So, I'll leave lots of them up through January.

I made this reindeer pillow this year to add to my wintery decor.  I used this freezer paper stencil method to paint on my little reindeer head.  I like the crisp white on this grey chevron fabric.

You really can't have too many pillows, can you?  I love changing them up with the seasons too.  

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