Thrifting Thursday: Miniature House

I picked up this little miniature house display for $1.  It was just so charming.  I decided I could make it into some sort of Christmas display.  I have these tiny bottle brush trees to start with, but I'll be on the look out for more miniature thinks to put in it.  

Olivia really likes it.  She spent quite a while taking out the little trees and then putting them back in, over and over.

Do you think it has possibility?  Should I maybe paint it white or paint all the rooms different colors?  I'd love to hear your ideas.  


  1. Don't paint it, but buy similar color items to group in the rooms. Great learning tool for Olivia too to sort them all. So cute. Julia

  2. I wouldn't paint it. Use it for a seasonal display case. Shells, sea glass, driftwood. Christmas decorations. You could do almost any holiday or season for that matter! Love it and the price was right! You could cut out decorative patterned or plain paper for back.......Just thinking so many ideas!


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