Harry Potter, Hermione, and Hedwig Halloween Costumes

My kids are huge Harry Potter fans.  Last year Dylan read all the books in about 4 months (he was in 3rd grade).  Denali started reading them shortly after and has re-read all of them a couple times.  These were great costumes for their ages.  I don't know how much longer they will let me dress them matching.  But, this was a fun year and they got lots of compliments while trick or treating last night.

A big thanks to my mother in law for knitting the fantastic scarves.  The kids love them and plan on wearing them when it's cold. 

I made Dylan's Harry Potter cloak.  It took way longer then I wanted it to, but I'm really quite proud of how in turned out.  I ended up fully lining it.  I made sure Dylan knew that this was not a costume, this is intended for REAL wizardry.  

Denali's costume was a lot easier.  We decided to go with the school uniform look.  We ended up not having to buy much.  She wore her own skirt, my sweater and shoes, and we bought her some grey knee socks. She looks so cute and kind of grown up :(.

For all my Harry Potter fanatic friends, I'll share close ups of the wands very soon, with a how-to.  I'm so pleased with the wands and they were fun to make.

I considered making Olivia's Owl costume, because technically Hedwig is a white owl, but then I found this cute costume at Old Navy for about $20.  It was worth every penny and saved me soooo much time.  And she is so stinkin adorable in it.

Olivia really started to take off on her walking this last weekend.  So, she really wanted to walk to every house, no stroller thank you very much mom.  She's got a pretty cute little waddle.  I don't think we'll have our scooter too much longer.

This shot is one of my faves, Olivia really wasn't into the whole picture taking scene at all.  We are totally torturing her as you can see.  

Hope your Halloween was as much fun as ours.

You can see more of our Halloween costumes by clicking the links below.


  1. Oh how are we ever going to get a decent picture this year?
    Love the costumes... I wouldn't mind a cloak and wand either

  2. Oh so cute! GMA M

  3. WOW what amazing halloween pics!! I would take one of the pictures and frame it for all Halloweens to come!! xoxo

  4. @Lauren Hochleutner thanks! Olivia my youngest is a bit squirmy, so it was hard to get her to sit still. I have plans to print all the last couple years all on one 8X10 collage and print it. Then I can frame it and put it out every Halloween.


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