Give Thanks Plate

I had so much fun making my Ceramic Beakers that I've been looking for something else to paint on ever since.  Then I decided just a simple plate would be fun.  This Give Thanks plate was simply a dollar store white dessert plate.  Wouldn't it be fun to make these for everyone's slice of pumpkin pie?  But, it's also just sweet as a decorative accessory.

I sketched out a couple ideas first on paper, so that I had a guide to follow.  I decided to add a leafy garland, similar to the one on my October Memory Verse.  And then as easy as could be, I just drew on my design with a Sharpie Oil-based Paint Pen.  Let it dry at least 24 hours and then it's ready to go.

What other fun things could be written on plates for this Season?  I've been sketching acorns and bunches of wheat.  I'll share some of my other designs with you soon.

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  1. beautiful! I made Christmas mugs last year with a porcelain pen. Its harder than it looks! It took me several tries..

  2. Very cute, don't think my hand is steady enough without a stencil or something! Linda M.


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