Shark and Scuba Diver Halloween Costumes

I LOVE Halloween costumes.  And I love to dress my kids in costumes that go together.  We've come up with some pretty creative ones (well that's what I think) over the years.  So, over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to share some costumes from Halloweens past.  The Shark and Scuba Diver costumes are from Halloween 2010 (pre Olivia).

Denali's Scuba Diver costume was one of the easiest ones I've ever made.  She simply wore a long sleeved black t-shirt, black jeans, and a black ski hat for her wet suit.  Then I spray painted 2 large soda bottles silver and attached a scuba sticker to them for her tanks.  I used wide elastic to make her a weight belt and straps for carrying the tanks.  She wore her own snorkel and mask and carried her fins.

Dylan's Shark costume was a whole other ball game.  I didn't have a pattern, so I used pictures from the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue to come up with his.  I used two tones of grey polar fleece and batting to hold the head and fins up.  It turned out pretty cute and it didn't cost me anywhere near the Pottery Barn price tag.

You can see that my kids had a lot of fun with these costumes.  My favorite shot from the night is the scuba diver attacking the shark.  Dylan's face makes me smile.

You can see more of our Halloween costumes by clicking the links below.


  1. Love it- very clever!! Donita

  2. So Dang Cute! GMA M


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