Neon Party Inspiration

Denali's party is just a week away.  She will be 11 years old.  She's also in Middle School, so we're changing it up a bit.  The WHOLE family and ALL our family friends are not invited, yikes.  We're have a just girls, tween party and we're going roller skating.  My original plan was to do Glow in the Dark Mini Golf, but then it closed.  This kind of threw a wrench in my plans.  But, Denali's happy with Rolling Skating, and there will be neon decorations and treats.  

About 6 months ago I shared how I was warming up to the come back of neon.  And my 11 year old is definitely into it.  So, neon it is.  I picked up this fabric last Spring.  It's almost neon and I love the color combo - grey, purple and neon pink.  Fabric is often my inspiration for a party palette.  I'll share more of the party process later this week.   

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