Adventures Abroad: Roma (a decade later)

I thought I'd share another installment of Adventures Abroad.  I just got busy blogging away, and kind of forgot that I was going to share some of my travels with you here on Oleander and Palm.  So, this is our trip to Italy that we took just over ten years ago.  We were young, brave, brand new parents (Denali was only 3 months old) we spent just over a week in Rome and Naples.  Denali was such a great traveller and everywhere we went, people said "Bella Bebe" to her.  She bounced along the cobblestone streets in her little umbrella stroller.  

This was a fantastic trip, and Italy is somewhere I really want to go back to.  We drank amazing cafes and ate gelato everyday that we were there.  I have to say that of all the countries I've been to, Italy had the BEST food.  From the pasta to the pizza, it was to die for.  

I had fun flipping through the photo album, looking back at this trip.  I took many rolls of film in Italy and more then half of it was black and white.  I used to shoot in black and white all the time.  I miss film and I kind of want to go back to it sometimes.  Do you miss film?


  1. i don't miss film. but i do miss you... great pics!


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