Thrifting Thursday: Hudson Bay Blanket Remnant

I love Hudson Bay Blankets and all the National Park Blankets, but there is no way I will ever be able to afford a new one.  Last year I scored a beautiful one at the Pasadena Flea Market.  It was in excellent condition and even had the original seal on it.  I had it professionally cleaned and gave it to my brother for Christmas.  I'm always on the look out for another one at antique stores and flea markets.

I lucked out and found this piece of a blanket at Old Town Antiques in Eureka (where I got my grey pitcher).  They wanted $15 for it, but I got them down to $10.

I have plans to make something out of this remnant for Riley, my vintage trailer.  If you remember Riley's inspiration board, I had hopes of a Bay Blanket there.

Is there a certain item that you are always on the look out for when you are thrifting?

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  1. Gorgeous! Lately I've been hunting for vintage kilim rugs, pillows, & bags. I can't get enough!

    This post is perfect for my thrift score thursday link up ;)


  2. @Liz thanks, I went on over to your blog and linked my Thrifting Thursday! Thanks.

  3. @vintage grey. Thanks, I'm excited to have found it. Love your blog!

  4. the one thing i am always on the lookout for at the thrifts are camping blankets. i don't have a large collection because they are so difficult to find which makes them all the more cherished when one is discovered! what an amazing piece.

  5. Oh jeez, certain items I look for? I don't think there is space enough to detail what I have on my list of sought-after items. I'll keep it to the top 3: clothes, clothes and more clothes. (JK) #2 vintage ceramics and #3 Christmas kitsch.

    Popped in from the Blue Eyed Owl's TST.


  6. I'm just coming across this, what an amazing find and deal!


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