Mason Jar Monogram Light

I was recently invited to compete in the Mason Jar craft challenge.  This was a little difficult, seeing there are so many unique and creative ideas out there using Mason Jars.  I came up with a few ideas, googled them, and they had already been done.  But, I'm pretty excited about my Monogram Light and believe it truly is an original idea.  I came up with this Monogram Light using canning jars as the bulb covers.

I originally designed this light to use outside on our back patio, to enjoy on warm California evenings.  But, now that it is finished, I kind of love the modern touch the plywood and white adds to the interior of my house.  It a playful accent in our 1920's bungalow.

2ft square piece of 1/2" plywood
11 quilted canning jars and rims (you may need more or less depending on your letter)
1/2 wood screws
white paint
blue painters tape
power drill with a 3/4" bit
1 string of outdoor lights
1 nail and hammer
measuring tape

It looks more complicated then it really is.  Once I had the right supplies, it didn't take me long to make.    Start by taping off your monogram, mine is an M.  Then paint it white.

Lay out the jar rims on your monogram and trace the center of each, so you can remember where to place them.  Then, using a good sized nail and hammer, punch 2 holes in the center of the jar rim.  This will make it much easier for you to put in the screws.Then, using a 3/4" bit, drill out the center of each marked circle.  Lastly, using the 1/2" screws, secure the rims to the board.

Insert the light socket in the holes and then screw in the light bulbs.  Screw down a jar over each light bulb. Plug it in and you are done!

You can see my entry at Buzzfeed's Craft Wars.  

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  1. The photography on your blog is beautiful! I've just found your blog through bloglovin' and started following you :)

  2. Your project is awesome! I had a craft wars post on buzz feed, but I have to say it was a rather horrible experience. I was tasked with recycling an old book into a home decor item and most of the responses to the craft war challenge were how horrible it was to do anything but donate an old book.

    I wish I had gotten a Mason Jar challenge, I love them! Your project is so much more original than the others as well :)

  3. @craftinomicon thanks for your lovely words. Buzz feed is a brutally honest crowd. I saw your book craft, it was great.

  4. @Hannah thankyou, I checked out your cute blog as well. I try to take great pictures for my posts, doesn't always happen the way I'd like to though. I appreciate you noticing. By the way, I love your new blog design and the header you mom drew :)

  5. I love this idea - so simple yet effective! Love anything with lights so fabulous work from me!


  6. I love it! This would be cute using little baby food jars as well but you'd have to drill a hole in the jar lids. What a great idea, good job!

  7. So Awesome Jeran! Thank you for being so creative. I love the popular lighted circus lights that are floating around on ebay/etsy/fairs but not their prices! This is a great compromise.

  8. I've loved this DIY from the moment I saw it and intended on making one for my apartment. It hasn't happened yet, however the opportunity to make one came up recently as it was my best friends birthday. I was struggling for ideas of what to get her and then I remembered this project. It just so happens that her name starts with an M, so I basically did the exact same one. In any case, she loved it, I loved it, so I'm going to have to get on making my own!

  9. @unknown comment above. Yay! You made one? Awesome. Please, please, post a picture of it on my FB page. I'd love to see your sign.

  10. You made me look for hand tools in Australia just to make this wonderful piece of art! Thanks a lot and more power to you and your blog!

  11. Love the way this turned out and it's so unique! I actually featured it today on my mason jar light ideas roundup :)


    Katie @ Upcycled Treasures

  12. I agree with Katie -- so unique!

    :) Linda

  13. OMG this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Found you on the Pin Hop! Please Come share this on DIY Sunday Showcase that I cohost!!!!


  14. i don't understand how you use the string of lights. how do the individual bulbs stay in the jar and not fall out of the hole? is the string/strand of extra lights just hanging or clumped together in the back? i'm assuming you wouldn't be able to hang this on a wall as the string of lights would hang down below the board on its way to the electrical outlet. pictures would be helpful

  15. Do you have any problem with the heat build-up from the bulbs?


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