Vintage Trailer Inspiration

Ever since I got Riley, I've been wanting to give him a makeover.  We gave him a thorough cleaning, but I want to put our personal mark on him.  I didn't have a clear direction of how I wanted him to look.  Just random ideas here and there.  I just knew I wanted to keep as much of his 1948 vintage charm as possible. I recently came across Ruby Taylor's Illustration (no. 11), and finally got the inspiration I needed.  I wish I could purchase it, it's so fantastic.  I took to color palette straight from the print.  The upholstery is already a forest green.  At first it wasn't my favorite, but now it's growing on me.  It's in excellent condition and it's a great outdoorsy color.  Now all I need to do is gather up a few of the accessories I've found in the image below.   My husband is born and raised Alaskan and I am Canadian, so I think this vintage, rustic, woodsy, and outdoorsy look suits us just fine.

1. Vintage Melamine Dishes in jadite color - already mine
2. Deer Pillow - Etsy
3. Deer Antlers - already mine
4. Hudson Bay Blanket 
5. Lumber Jack Plaid Pillow (similar)
6. Bird Wall Art (similar)
7. Vintage Red Lantern (similar)
8. National Park Post Cards
9. Mint Green Pocket Knife via
10. Coral Plaid Fabric via
11. The Inspiration - Ruby Taylor's illustrationvia
12. Vintage Green Plaid Picnic Basket - haven't found one yet, but I'll be on the hunt.

I'll be sure to share my progress on fixing up Riley as I go.  What do you think about my color combo and inspiration board?  Does is have a good vintage vibe and a woodsy Alaskan/Canadian feel?  How would you spruce up a retro camper?

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