Decorating My Vintage Trailer

I've been wanting to find a way to hang pictures and art in Riley.   But, because the interior walls are in such excellent condition, I didn't want to make any holes in them.  And, whatever you hang in the trailer needs to be light and nearly unbreakable.  I decided a string or wire to hang things on would work best.  

 I had wanted to add a few more birds to go with the birds that are already cut out of the shelves.  Then, miraculously I came across this Birds on and Wire at target (I sure do love target).   I was going to cut out birds with a jig saw and rig up some wire/string contraption.  Target saved me.

One problem was that they only came in black.  So, I quickly fixed that with a little white spray paint.  The hanging mechanism for this set required 2 screws.  That was not going to happen.  These wall have stayed in near perfect condition since 1948, I don't want to be the one to put holes in them.
So, I used 3M's command strip clear hooks and with a little wire I attached the photo wire to the hooks.

It's going to fun to have a place to hang postcards, prints, photos and little memories from our trips.  And I can add colors and patterns to the space, just like I would any interior. 


  1. #1 I love the way that turned out! Super cute!
    #2 I LOVE command strips... super wonderful for lots of surfaces.
    #3 Walmart has tiny little wooden clothes pins that would be super cute on that wire!

  2. @Karsie Gene thanks, the wire came with 5 clips, but a few extras would be great!


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