Spring Break in Ireland

I've got some really exciting news!  We're going to Ireland for Spring Break (that's less then a month away).  I have the most generous parents. They are so generous, they are border line crazy.  They are taking us to The Emerald Isle for a week.  We are staying in B&B's and even castles - WOW! I am so lucky - Lucky like the Irish! And I'm not just lucky because I get to go to Ireland, I'm lucky because I have great parents.  Parents that love and support me. I truly am blessed to have the family that I have.

I illustrated our little trip tonight. It was a lot of fun to put it together and later it will be a great addition to a shutterfly photo book of our trip. I mapped out where we would be staying each night, but there will be lots of little detours along the way. Don't you worry, I'll be sharing a lot of our trip. I hope to blog as I go even!  And I will be taking LOTS of pictures.

If you are following my Pinterest, you might have noticed one of my boards, The Emerald Isle.  If you aren't following, come follow Oleander and Palm's Pinterest.


  1. Hope u have a great trip! I went to school in Coleraine and live about an hour away in a little town called Kilrea! There really is some beautiful scenery In Ireland! Cant wait to see your posts on your trip!

  2. oh how fun, jeran! SUCH a treat. looking forward to making the trip vicariously through your posts ;)


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