Pretty Pink Happy Thoughts

Spring is here!  And I'm ready for the new beginnings that come with this season.  The last couple of months have brought some trying and tough times to for the people I love.  It's time for some Pretty Pink Happy Thoughts, and I thought these pretty pink Easter dishes would help stir these emotions.  Sometimes to get yourself out of a funk or find some hope, you need some distraction from what's weighing you down.  Today I did that by playing with my camera and tripod.  While Olivia napped, I played.  And it put me in a good mood.

Is life throwing you some curve balls right now?  Take a couple minutes to do something out of the ordinary, something creative, fun, or inspiring.  Leave the laundry and dinner can wait another 30 mins.  Find what brings your Pretty Pink Happy Thoughts?

P.S. These cute dishes were a gift from my mother in law last year.  She got them at Home Goods.  Super cute, right?


  1. we went to Target after my chiro. appt. today instead of coming right home- it was fun, and I'm thinking Target can always be a little ray of sunshine! :) I know, not very artsy or creative- but it counts, right?

  2. oh yes, target can always help.

  3. Found your blog via the Blog Hop. I’m your newest GFC follower!

  4. They are cute, I have mine out too...missing you guys Gma M


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