Monthly Memory Verse: Framed

I've been meaning to share this for months.  With the start of 2012, I decided to introduce Monthly Memory Verses to Oleander and Palm.  The concept is simple, each month I will provide a free download of an memory verse in the form of an art print.  You just print it off and and stick it in an 8 x 10 frame.  All month long you can read it with your family, by the end of the month hopefully it will be memorized.

January's Memory Verse Shown

I hung our frame in our kitchen, right by the back door.  This way we see it as we leave everyday.  I purchased my frame at Target for $9.99.  It's a simple white frame with a white matte.

I know some of you are printing these verses each month.  I'd love to see where you have hung yours in your home.  Please share a picture of your framed verse on Oleander and Palm's Facebook page.


  1. I still can't find a place to print it out for me :( but I do have a frame and a spot ready to go

  2. Looks great. I have mine printed but need to make a trip to Ikea to buy a frame. I plan on also hanging it in my kitchen. It will look good with my gray cabinets and back-splash. Emma.

  3. I have one printed Jess if you want it- It is just printed in photo quality from my printer, but I thought about sending them to costco.com and getting them more professional...but once in a frame you can't really tell!


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