Personalized Hearts

One evening this week, my kids had I had fun with some clay.  We played with Crayola's Air Dry Clay.  I made these five hearts for all the members of my family.  What are they for, you might be wondering?  They are for cute.  Simply for something cute to sit on a side table in a little bowl.  Just some Valentine's decor for our little family.

These hearts are about 2 inches wide.  I used letters from a cookie press to write everyone's names on the hearts.  

After the hearts had dried for 3 days, I painted them with acrylic paint.  All I needed was red and white painted.  I started with the red heart and then added a little more white each time to the paint when I painted the next heart.

Last year I made these shirts, this meal, these lunchesthese marshmallows and these cookies.  It was fun to look back at my posts, but I do have to say that my photographs were not so great - I think I've made some improvements in the quality of my post photos.

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  1. Any tips on how to take good photographs - I like what I see!



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