Pie Pops

I've been seeing these Pie Pops popping up all over Pinterest.  There probably is nothing more my husband loves then Apple Pie (well maybe a carne asada burrito).  So, what better way to say "I love you", then with a heart shaped Apple Pie?

When we had just started dating, the first thing I ever baked for Lonnie was an Apple Pie.  I made the pie at my Grandparent's house and I made it three times actually, because it just tasted weird.  I couldn't figure out what the problem was.  On the second round of pies, I figured out that the heavy cream I was brushing all over the top of the pie was sour.  So, the third time I made sure to use FRESH cream.  I'm pretty sure he married me for three reasons: the first would be the Apple Pie, the second would be my red hair, and the third because I grew up overseas and wanted to travel the world.

Last night when I made these, he was a very happy boy.  But, he couldn't eat one till after his cholesterol test this morning (probably shouldn't be making him pie - everything in moderation).  So he packed one up for his morning break - Pie Pops are the perfect portable pie.

The recipe and step by step instructions are coming.  But, I decided I would just tease you with these yummy treats, and then post the rest very soon.

Anyone interested in making Pie Pops for the people you love?  And what food tells your man you love him?  Does he have a favorite and what was the first thing you ever baked or cooked for him?  Please share:)


  1. I Love it!! And the photography is great too!!

  2. Tooooootally adorable! I love how they turned out! Eric likes when I bake (anything) on a whim. Chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon sugar muffins are a few faves, but I definitely need to try something new!

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