Dining Room Chandelier Update

I'm so over my dining room light fixture.  Seven years ago I thought it was cute, but now it's just dated and boring.  If I had a lot of money, there are a lot of fun fixtures out there that I would choose.  But, I'm looking for a cheap, easy fix that will still offer me a dramatic change.  Not really an easy feat, but I have some ideas.

My old fixture needs so funk added to it.
First of all the little beaded, so Pottery Barn 5 years ago, shades have got to go.  I am so inspired by Gus and Lula's painted vintage light fixtures.  I definitely think mine is going to be some shade of green, I'm thinking a bright Kelly Green that won't be missed.  And then I'm thinking I may need to add some crystals of some sort to it.  I think the bulbs will just be left bare, maybe I can find some frosted ones to kill out any glare.

Anyone else have any ideas or suggestions for me?  

Now I just need to convince my husband to take it down and paint it for me.  Normally this is something I would attempt myself, but seeing I am with child, I shall avoid ladders and spray paint.  

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