Robot Birthday Party - Part II (The Pinata)

Pinatas are always a good time.  What's not to love about hitting something and having candy fall out of it.
I covered this pinata with silver foil tissue paper.  To give it the fringed look I used Martha Stewart's fringing scissors from Michael's.  I cut 2 inch strips of the foil paper and then fringed one side of it.  Starting at the bottom on the pinata, I hot glued the strips on in layers.

I used my cricut cutter to cut out a variety of shapes for eyes, buttons and nobs.  Dylan helped me decide where they should go.  We also glued on metal washers for additional buttons.  The arms were made of TP rolls wrapped in foil, the legs where paper cups, and the ears where made from cupcake papers.
He was one tuff pinata to crack.


  1. Who knew there was such a thing as fringing scissors? Not surprised that Martha makes them. That clever woman.

  2. Kids of all ages would surely enjoy each moment as they try to get the loads of candy by smashing the pinata!


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