New Breakfast Nook Lighting

On a whim, a couple friends and I decided to head to the Pasadena Flea Market on Sunday.  I really had nothing in mind that I needed, but I always enjoy the hunt and the unexpected treasures you find at the Flea Market.  This was a first time for one of my friends, I always enjoy taking newbies.

We have owned our home for 7 years now.  We have made a lot of improvements along the way.  Two years ago, with the guidance and un-repayable help of my dad and brother Joash, we made an addition to our house, renovated our kitchen and replaced our roof.  It is so beautiful and functional, but I never replaced the light fixture over the breakfast nook.  I've actually never like the light, I just have never found the perfect fixture to replace it with.  It's a tiffany style light, which I find dated and just plain ugly.  I didn't want to settle, so I've waited and looked hard.  

The nook is original to our 1920 home, we kept it as part of our new kitchen.  It is our favorite place to eat, and it is one of the features that sold me on the house. We use it way more then our formal dining room.

As the day went by, I had only spend a nickel.  I had only bought one vintage valentine with an owl on it for literally 5 cents.  I was content with leaving with just that, because just being at the Flea Market with friends is inspiring and energizing.  But, then I spotted it.  This drum shade was perfect.  I was so sure of it, that I didn't even wait for my friends to see it and approve of it, I just bought it.  The color matched my glass tile backsplash, and the shape was both modern and classic. And maybe the best part was the price. $50 for this handmade light fixture.  Woo Hoo! It is mine.

We wasted no time.  Last night my very sweet husband installed our new light.  It actually gives off more light then the other fixture and it's still just one energy efficient bulb.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree that this is a huge improvement?  And maybe one of the cutest lights out there?


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  2. Okay so I left a comment and accidentally removed it. What I was saying was that I love your style. I think the new light marries the nook and the kitchen beautifully:) Awesome!

  3. I love the light fixture, your house looks so cool. We had a nook in our kitchen when I was going up. Keep it coming I love reading your blogs :)

  4. Perfect for that space, I knew you'd find it! L.M.


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