Champagne Cupcakes

Well it's a New Year - 2011!  I brought in the New Year at home in my velour sweats with the three people I love the most.  We watched movies (Indiana Jones) and ate snacks and treats in the living room (something we very rarely do).
My husband and I don't drink, and I honestly do not care for Champagne at all.  So I decided to serve Champagne in an nontraditional way - as a Cupcake.  Even if I'm not a fan of the bubbly, when you put it in a cupcake, well then I'm ok with that.  Lets just say I haven't met a cupcake I didn't love.  I got this recipe from Sprinkles Bakes (a fantastic blog).  They were very easy to make.  And they will be a new favorite at future celebrations I do believe.  The cake is velvety, the pastry filling is creamy smooth, and the frosting is fluffy and light.  There is a definite hint of champagne, but is delicate and fruity.


  1. Simply divine. Happy New Year.
    I think I need to make these.

  2. yum! Happy New Year Jeran! I love your blog..all those pretty things I will never get around to making but love to imagine :) "Y"

  3. Happy New Year! Beautiful cupcakes and they sound yummy!
    Just so you know, Liam talks about you all the time.


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