Watch Love

I've been watching Martha's show this year and she has been wearing this beautiful teal blue watch.  Today on the show she shared where she got it.  I'm in love.  They come in a rainbow of fantastic colors.  I especially love this green one.  It's Swedish made (should have guessed).  Made by a company called Triwa.  Those Swedes know design.   

My Grandpa was a Swedish (his family immigrated to Canada).  I used to love when we would take him to IKEA, he would wonder around and read the signs and translate for us.  I love my Grandpa, he passed away 9 years ago.  He was a wonderful man and I really miss him.  I have always wanted to go to Sweden and research my family history there.  My mom and I need to just make this into a girls trip and pick a date already.

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