Oreo Truffle Pops

I've been wanting to try this recipe for Oreo Cookie Truffle Pops from a brilliant blog, Bubble and Sweet.  I am so impressed by her beautifully crafted sweets and treats.  I want to make these Truffle Pops for my daughter's birthday party, so I thought I would try them out as a Halloween treat.

 They were actually really quite easy to make.  They are really yummy and very rich and decadent.  I want to perfect the chocolate dipping part, but if you put lots of sprinkles on them no one will notice. 

I served these in a pedestal bowl filled with candy corn.  The candy corn was not only festive, but it worked well to keep the pops standing up in the bowl.


  1. They were SO YUMM-O!!! They go against all self-control and reason. YUM! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!

  2. Looks sinfully delicious - don't think I could stop at just one :).

  3. OKay how come my name came up as Anonymous?? It's Emma here Jer.


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